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Arnaldo Frassineti was born on 8th April 1944, in Marradi (FI). He first attended the Academy of drawing and inlay in Faenza and then improved his workmanship in Florence for fifteen years. The artist now lives and works mainly in Montepulciano, a town traditionally related to the craft on wood inlay. Arnaldo Frassineti partecipates in many national and international contests attaining numerous prizes and recognitions. His works can be found in private private collections in Italy and abroad, and in Milan they have been put in the catalogue “il Quadrato”

He started his activity in 1960 after attending the School of inlay and drawing of Faenza. Arnaldo Frassineti’s inlay painting recalls characters and images from an idyllic world where the tales are represented by the accurate association of valuable woods used in his works and an absolutely natural chromatism. The artist succeeds in expressing his sensitivity building a complicated structural framework and then disposing the masses in perfect dynamics with the characters

Even though made of minute splinters of wood the characters keep their plasticity.

Through this fine and detailed work the wooden profiles have nothing in common with sculpture but rather, as I have just said, they are so similar to painting that observers may be deceived by the effect.

Frassineti obtains the smoothness of the brushstrokes and the mellowness of colour with wood and must know some small secret to succeed in the correct distribution of the backgrounds, the chromatic scanning, the coherence and legibility of the tales.

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