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The artist compresses, using rigid constructive mechanics, the emotions contained in his work, to let them free when the spectator stops in front of his creations to decipher each single peculiarity.

The work of Arnaldo Frassineti cannot be easily placed in an historical context, we will say that the history is made of his creatures enlivened each time we urge them to a thematic transformation.

Prof.Walter Cadecasa
Critico d’arte associazione culturale “Il Quadrato”

When we observe Arnaldo Frassineti’s pictures, we recognize in them marks of an old flame that burns under the ashes of time.This artist moulds pictures as mosaics on wood; he secures tesseras with a particular technique implying a deep knowledge of the wooden matter peculiarities. His pictures , that recall the charm of inlaid choirs in old Benedectine abbeys, can talk to us with their archaic beauty.

Prof. Paolo Mei
“La Nazione"

Arnaldo Frassineti gives us an artistic expression, fulfilled and free from rethorical outlines, personal and delicate, successful in execution and in the choice of materials, balanced in the relations between matter and subject, tending to exalt colour. The Artist composes his tales searching for coherence between constructive logic and chromatic exigence, without repeating himself, creating works full of suggestion..

Prof.Walter Cadecasa
Critico d’arte associazione culturale “Il Quadrato”

His works go beyond all conceptions of a sculptural art of wood and inlay, because they want to express emotions of a time gone away that may never return.

Prof.Pier Arturo Sangiorgi
Critico d’Arte “Il Cavalletto”

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